Alicia in Ojai

Friday, December 29, 2006

5 Things ...

Okay, so I got tagged by my honey to post five things you may not know about me, and then harrass -- er -- tag five more lucky souls.

1. I am a peeping video watcher -- those of you who receive tags will know I am one of their secret video watchers who doesn't leave comments (criminal!).

2. I am shamelessly lazy. Since I am shameless (and lazy) I will offer no excuse or reason for this.

3. I love to swim and have been known to swim a mile a day for days in a row, even tho' my physique gives no indication of this dedication.

4. I am a cat person, but somehow ended up with two Sheltie dogs who stress me out to no end, but whom I love dearly and take nearly everywhere with me. None of our cats will stay in the house with me now -- they all want to live in the Dojo instead (who can blame them?)

5. I am a firm believer that men and women are two separate species, and can coexist harmoniously only under limited circumstances

Tag, Ryanne, Didj, Tom , Dustin, and Jennifer you're it !